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Samos Vin Doux 375ml


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This fortified wine has a gorgeous golden colour. Primary grape aromas of flowers, fresh fruits and honey, notes of pure lemon curd & cardamom. A soft mouth feel with natural sweetness with well balanced acidity, giving a long lasting aftertaste Samos Vin Doux belongs to the Vins de Liqueurs category and is the most popular wine of Samos.A classic dessert wine, it perfectly accompanies not only sweets that are light in texture and color, such as apple pie, lemon pie, fruit tarts, but also creamy desserts with full-bodied taste.Perfect served as an aperitif with fruit, cheeses and nuts. In cooking, it aromatically complements and brings together sweet and sour sauces. It also discreetly sweetens poultry, Asian or Italian type dishes.The United Winemakers Cooperative of Samos is one of the oldest cooperatives in Greece, founded in 1934 after actions taken by the vine growers of the island. The history of the Samos Cooperative proves that the alliance of vine growers is a strategically important move for the preservation of viticulture and the protection of the producers’ income. Nowadays, the cooperative boasts some 2.200 producers as members and In March 2016, UWC Samos formed a strategic alliance with “Greek Wine Cellars” to enhance the commercial development of the award-winning Samos wine in domestic and international markets.

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