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Mythos 330ml


TIP: Is always cheaper to buy in cases!

Gluten from barley malt, that is indicated on the list of ingredients. Sulfite content is less than 10 mg/L, thus is not indicated on label

Lager beer, translucent light-golden colour with 4,7 % vol alcohol content, pleasant and soft bitterness.

Barley malt, water, maltose, hop, yeast. Product is made without usage of genetically modified raw materials.

Product is intended for human nutrition in amount which is healthily tolerated by the individual consumer.

Product should be kept on cold (from 4-20ºC) and dark place (without exposure to direct sunlight) that is essential to ensure that the product retain its quality till labelled best before date. If temperature is increased, product characteristics will be faster changed. Do not store product on very low temperatures (bellow 0ºC) because it can be frozen, or protein-tannin complex precipitation can occur.

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