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Freshly Handmade Orange pie Tray 2 Kg


TIP: Is always cheaper to buy in cases!

Crafted by our chef daily, just 24 hours before it graces your plate

Savor the essence of freshly squeezed sunshine in every bite of our orange pie, a masterpiece meticulously crafted by our chef daily, just 24 hours before it graces your plate. The dedication to freshness is evident in every aspect—from the zesty aroma that fills the bakery to the perfectly golden crust that cradles the citrusy symphony within. Our commitment to delivering a burst of flavor with each slice ensures that you experience the peak of orangey perfection. Indulge in the joy of knowing that your orange pie is a labor of love, prepared with precision and passion for a delectable experience that's as fresh as it gets.

Ingredients: syrup (water, sugar, orange), dough, yogurt 10%, sugar, olive oil, orange juice, baking powder (paising agents: Ε450i, Ε500ii, wheat flour), vanillin, pastry sheet Beirut (wheat flour, water, corn starch, salt, preservative: sorbic acid), orange slice. The product may contain traces of: soy, nuts, peanuts, sesame, sulfites.

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