Athos Trays Chortopita (Leek pie) 1200g


Wheat flour, wheat bran, spinach, leek, dill, semolina

Ready in 25-30 minutes

Handmade with leek wrapped in traditional Filo Vergas pastry known across Greece for its flavour and texture. Serves 8 pieces.

Pastry: (wheat flour, wheat bran, vinegar, sunflower oil, salt, water) Filling: (spinach, leek, dill, semolina, salt, pepper, sunflower oil-may contain celery)

Preheat oven to 210ºC / take pie out of bag and put it in the oven / Bake for 25-30 minutes until pie is golden brown

Per 150g (serving size): Energy 1431kj / 342kcal, Protein 5.2g, fat 17.4g, of which saturated 3.15g, Carbohydrates 40.05g, of which sugar 1.95g, Salt 1.26g

Do not freeze after defrost

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