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Feta Cheese Dip 2Kg


TIP: Is always cheaper to buy in cases!

Contains: Milk and milk products (lactose), Egg, Wheat, Sulphites. May contain traces of: soya, celery, fish, mustard seeds, sesame, molluscs.

Ready for consumption

Cheese 59% (whey cheese, feta cheese, goat s milk, goat cream, wheat starch),cheese(whey powder, palm oil, salt) mayonnaise( sun oil, water, eggs, cow’s milk, sugar, lemon juice, stabilizers: Xanthan gum & Guar gum, Antiox.: EDTA),pickled green pepper,(contains sulphites), Acidity regulator: lactic acid, extract of hot pepper, Preservatives.: potassium sorbate & sodium benzonate (0,1%).

Energy (kcal) 200.0 Energy (KJ) 837.0 Protein (g) 8.75 Carbohydrates (g) 5.91 Of which sugars (g) 1.34 Fat (g) 15.77 Of which saturates (g) 5.0 Salt (g) 2.0

Keep refrigerated at 2-4°C

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