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524013 Donut with Boston Chocolate 12x130g


TIP: Is always cheaper to buy in cases!

Cooking instructions: Defreeze for 2 hours before cooking The product can be preserved for 12 hours after defreezing

INGREDIENTS: DOUGH (wheat flour, sugar, egg powder, salt, skimmed Milk powder, dextrose, milk whey, rising agents:E450i, Ε500ii,emulsifiers: Ε471,Ε472e,flour texture agentΕ300,enzymes,flavouring),water,yeast. FILLING: cream(glucose syrup,water,sugar,modified starch,palm oil,condensing agent: microcrystalline cellulose),vegetable oils: rape,walnut oil) salt, colouring agent :Ε171, Ε160β,acidification agent:E 576,E330,preservative: Ε200,Ε202,flavouring,emulsifier: Ε471,antoixidant Ε306,Ε304),palm oil, . TOPPING: glaze(sugar,glucose syrup,water), margarine{vegetable oils and fats(,palm oil, palm stearin, soya oil,hydrogenated palm oil)various ratio, modified starch, salt, cocoa powder 10-12%, emulsifiers: Ε471, Ε475 , Ε322(soya), Ε435, acidity agent: Ε330, Ε334 preservative: Ε202 , stabilizers: Ε460, Ε466, colouring agents: Ε160, Ε171, flavouring}, chocolate glaze{coco powder 10-12%cocoa contend 50%, vegetable oils(sunflower oil,palm oil,) , emulsifier: Ε322, flavouring},water.TOPPING: sugar, glucose syrup, water, margarine{vegetable oils and fats (palm oil, palm kernel oil) variant proportion, water, salt, emulsifiers: Ε471, acidity regulator: Ε330, flavouring, preservative: Ε202, colorng: Ε160α},water.

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